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Incredibal movie based off an incredibal game!

Awsome animation and awsome idea! I hope this gets an award! I thought this was an extreamlly good collab. I think you should continue to do collabs!

That was awsome!!!! Best VG parodie on Newgrounds!

This was so fucking funny! The part about PSP was an awsome idea for a opening. This one is kinda hard to decide if it's better or worse than the second though.

Hurray new Salad Fingers!

These kick extreame ass! You own the portal!

I watched that for 20 minutes straight!

Yep, all Newgrounds does is hate eachother. LOL, awsome idea!

EvilBerryClock responds:

thanks for the review ^__^

Halarious movie, too bad it only got Daily 3rd

I'm so glad that this is finnaly here! I thought it wouldn't be out untill August! This was really cool. I thought Alfred and Steve were the funniest charecters in the whole movie. I liked the part when Alfred was two feet away from Clair and he couln't even shoot her. Overall this movie rocked! It should of got Daily 1st but oh well.


Astropuff is the only good Daily Toon author!

Get better authors like Astropuff and these will become awsome! Everything else sucked! 3/5

:( What happend Stangeclock?

All your other movies are so awsome! Why would you go rock bottom and submitt shit like this?

StrangeClock responds:

I don't know man, I think I have a problem :'(

Yes it's finnaly here

I love FBF collabs expecially this one. This is gonna go straight to my favourites folder.

-snare-: Pretty cool it was awsome and was tottaly insane!
ZombieLincoln: OMFG! The best FBF on NG! It was so incredibal! You should continue to work on FBF's.
Jestar: Good but way too short. It's was kinda weird.
JiarBear: It was O.K. It was plain but had creative graphics.
-DAZA-: Awsome, everything was so fast and tottaly random.

Overall I think you are all great FBF artists. Good luck on any of your up coming movies and remember to continue working on FBF's.


The next Ren and Stimpy.

This seris is so funny. It makes Ren and Stimpy look like shit.

You have to make another one!!!!!!!

This movie is soooooooooooo fucking awsome! 5/5

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