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I never thought I would see another Beebo episode ever get made; so this was definatly a nice surprise.

It wasn't as funny as the older episodes (or maybe I've just matured), but it was still decent. I like that you kept the original crude early internet animation style rather than trying to update it. It was definatly a big nostalgia trip.

fabulous999 responds:

Maybe you've matured? How dare you sir, this is some classy, high-brow shit.

Great movie! I was hoping you would submit this.

(I'm in the same class as this kid)

Great movie! The art style is perfect for this! It was really cool how you were able to take off Potter Puppet Pals, without ripping it off. I also love the sence of humor. The ending was great too!

It sucks that the explosion didn't work in class though.

Daza responds:


Great use of sprites!

This was awsome! The animation was really good! One of the best sprite movies on Newgrounds!

RupeeClock responds:

Hey, thanks.

Another great clock movie!

This was a very good clock movie! I can't wait for the sequel!

Happy Clock Day!

CrustClock responds:

I can't wait to show it you


These awsome movies keep on coming! I loved this so much! Happy Clock Day!

RupeeClock responds:

Hey, it's Clock day, nothing but good Clock movies (by REAL clocks) today. :)

The black and white gives it a nice touch.

This movie is really good and creative. The black and white made it look just like an old detective movie! Very funny with Bedn as a drug deller!

Happy Clock Day!

EvilBerryClock responds:

:D heh, you cant trust that bedn

THAT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I loved that movie so much! It's graphics and voice acting was amazing! This is going straight to my favourites!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks for the favorite! Happy Clock Day!

Could have been better :(

Well it could have been better like at the worm part you should have made him actully doing the worm. It should have followed the song better.

l1fty responds:

Okay, thanks for reviewing

Pretty good.

Not as good as some of the other clock movies I seen today but still good.

Spinningtopclock responds:

Like i could ever match up to bananabeard2

ROFL LOL Halarious!

Great clock movie! Best part is when the guy screams for his watch!

Creatus responds:

Thank you. Happy Clock-Day.

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