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Amazing animation. The depiction of them fighting looks far better than the actual anime series. Also, bonus points for the voice acting. Ryuji sounded spot-on.

I never thought I would see another Beebo episode ever get made; so this was definatly a nice surprise.

It wasn't as funny as the older episodes (or maybe I've just matured), but it was still decent. I like that you kept the original crude early internet animation style rather than trying to update it. It was definatly a big nostalgia trip.

fabulous999 responds:

Maybe you've matured? How dare you sir, this is some classy, high-brow shit.

Nice to see people defending real animation.

Considering the fact that I'll soon be going to college for animation, it's nice to see people call out bullshit programs that make people think they're creative, when in fact, they're just lazy.

Also, I like how you managed to squeze in some over the top random humour in too.

A great sequel to a Newgrounds classic.

I was really glad to see that you made another "Dad" movie. This one is easily a great sequel. I can honestly say that this one wasn't as memorable as "Dad's Home" but that dosn't mean it's not as good. I really love how you added 3D effects into the animation, it makes it look a lot more lively. I think the choice in music wasn't as good as the first one. I also didn't like how it ended with a cliff hanger. But this is still great.


Awsome, but short.

This has really awsome animation. The joke is very funny. It also has an awsome ending. The only down side is that it's fairly short. I hope you make another one!


Great movie! I was hoping you would submit this.

(I'm in the same class as this kid)

Great movie! The art style is perfect for this! It was really cool how you were able to take off Potter Puppet Pals, without ripping it off. I also love the sence of humor. The ending was great too!

It sucks that the explosion didn't work in class though.

Daza responds:


Once again, you blow my mind!

Another great addition to the series! Plus, the one thing Madness always needed is finally in the series, a chainsaw! My only complaint is that it dosn't have as much humor as the others, but that's not a big deal.


Nice, simple and funny as fuck!

I have to say that I've never seen something so funny yet simple before! The graphics sync up with the sound perfectly and it's just an overall great idea! Who honestly cares if the sound is stolen and the graphics are simple!? It's still funny and that's exactly the point of this movie, to make people laugh! I hope you make another Phoenix Wrong, regardless of the fact that this one is called the "Last Stand". Overall this is a great movie! Anyone who hasn't seen this should just spare the couple of minutes and watch it!


A perfect view of a six year old Newgrounder!

I have to say that I was supprised to see how good this actually was! The graphics were perfect for this kind of movie and the bad voice acting was halarious! Sometimes when "Foamy_27" was talking the sound quality got really bad, it was sometimes hard to tell what he was saying. Foamy's voice was too hard to understand, but it was clear enough to roughly understand what he was saying. The funniest thing is that most six year old Newgrounders probably act like that in real life!


Merry Ghostmas to you too!

I thought that this episode wasn't really as good as the previous ones but it was still good none the less. It really dragged on and adventually got boring. The song Blockhead was singing was preety funny but wasn't anything funny enough to make you laugh out loud. I liked the fact that you can here the song again after the credits with subtitles. If it's not a problem can you please PM me the lyrics to it?


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