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Simple and fun!

It was very fun to play! My favourite charecter was Alien Hominid on the black horse. 5/5

DanPaladin responds:

good call, he is stylish!

It was very fun!

I liked this! If you make a version 2 make sure to add chargable shots so you can do more damage.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Damage upgrades in the updated version. Heres some info about it.

You have recieved this response if you complained/asked about something I fixed in the updated version of this game.

Please check back here soon (tomorow-ish), as the updated version is awaiting approval. It has a bunch of new features, some of which you have asked about in your review.

Thanks for playing

I found out why ther all not possible to win!

Stickman: Platform is higher than it can jump
Circle: The circle always stay a certain distance from you and switches sides (dont move mouse and the ball won't move)
Dinosaur: It wont die

Overall this game sucked! Acctully make it possible to win!

Rustygames responds:

Hmmm I think you missed the point... Now I'm going to explain this slowly so you understand... The whole point is so that the player gets frustrated and if you look at the other reviews I acomplished the mission so how come you didnt quite understand that? If you want I can send you a diagram send me an e-mail if you want one...

This will be so helpful

This is the best clay tutorial ever. Im glad you put in step by step instructions and pictures. Now I know how to make clay movies.

But which program is the best for stop animation.



I use Imagestudio. Its a great program. But you need a logitech camera to use it. you can also use anasazi. Its not as good as imagestudio. But overall its pretty ok.
You can get it on animateclay.com

I dint like it

It was too slow and both games were pretty much the same.

Zen1th responds:

Well to bad you didn't like it. We're quite satisfied with the result of our work. It was never intended to include 2 completely different games. It's just a small game containing 2 versions of the same concept. It wasn't a game designed have great variety. Our goal was to create a funny game with the great atmosphere of the Nintendo games. Ofcourse it's not as good as the original games, but for a few days work it did pay off quite well I think.

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