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Best flash game of all time!

This is the best game I have ever played. Everything is perfect! It's like Super Smash Bros. but Newgrounds style. Mt only small complaint is that Madness wasn't in it. It just feels like it should be there. But that's very easily forgivible.


Like MGS with a sence of humor

I love the gameplay and graphics style. You really need to make more games. My only complaint is that you can't shoot diagonally, and it was a little short. But it was a great game none the less.


Simple and addictive!

Just a flat out great time waster! Very simple and fun! I liked the simplisity of the graphics.

This made my day!

This is probably one of the most fun to play and addictive games on the internet. I love the animation and music. One thing that I would change though is the music for the rage form, it should be something like heavy metal. I hope you make another -Rage- game. Definatly gets a five out of me!

7|-|15 15 |=(_)|\|!

7|-|15 \\/\\/1|_|_ |33 |=(_)|\| 70 (_)53 50 1 (4|\| 74|_|< 70 //\//\Y |=|213|\||)5 1|\| |_337 4|\||) 7|-|3Y \\/\\/0|\|'7 |<|\|0\\/\\/ \\/\\/|-|47 1'//\//\ 54Y1|\|9! 7|-|15 15 |234|_|_Y (00|_ 4|\||) //\//\(_)57 |-|4\/3 |333|\| |-|4|2|) 70 //\//\4|<3. 1 |=1|\||) 7|-|3 4(_)|)10 |_00|O 1|\|(|23|)1|34|_|_Y 4|\||\|0Y1|\|9 7|-|0(_)9|-|! 937 |33773|2 4(_)|)10 0|2 4|)|) 4|\| 0|\|/0|=|= |3(_)770|\|.

It could use improvements.

It was alright but you need to fix some problems. First off when you lose at a level you need to start the whole game over. Plus you should add more details to the levels than just a line and a dot. You should make the walls like lava and add backrounds.

Gets boring very fast!

You could have made this game much better by adding different game modes and difficulty options. I also think you could change the animation depending on how fast you are and change the guns as you progress through the game.

:( 2/5

It's very addictive!

I like this game because it takes something simple and adds a great twist! The bonus stage was very easy because it's almost impossible not to hit the computers.

Too people who wan't to cheat just right click at the begging and left click at the end.


My hands sore from that!

My highest score was 231 on time attack. I like this game it's very addictive! How do these people get such high scores without cheating?!

Good but gets boring quick.

It's fun for a short ammount of time but then gets boring. I still would give it a 5/5 though.

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